Lindsey Howard


I've always been passionate about creating things and solving complex problems. When I discovered I could do both on the web, I was hooked. I've made websites for friends and family, and I even freelanced for a while. Now, I'm looking for a full-time role where I can really sink my teeth in and make an impact.

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I can demonstrate a flair for design and possess the ability to think outside the box, creating visually appealing and innovative user interfaces.

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I excel at troubleshooting and finding solutions to complex frontend challenges, adapting to different scenarios and delivering efficient and effective outcomes.

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I always prioritize the user experience, incorporating user-centered design principles and accessibility standards to create interfaces that are intuitive, engaging, and inclusive.

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Web Developer: Freelance

I create eye-catching and user-friendly websites to generate web traffic and promote their clients' products and services. Unlike staff web developers, freelance web developers are independent contractors who may work for an individual or business on a short- or long-term basis.

Sales & Marketing: Tristate Media

Established trusting relationships with clients, the community and meet all commitments with adequate preparation, delivery, and follow-through. Met or exceed revenue targets for existing, new, and digital businesses, and develop a strategy to support the achievement of goals.

Personal Assistant

I would take phone calls, organize meetings, make travel arrangements, handling mail and liaising with clients. Highly skilled in project efficiency, organizational skills, communication abilities and computer competencies.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 4

Alpha 4 is here to address those pesky build and package errors, a few CSS bugs, and some documentation inconsistencies we introduced in our last release.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 3

Alpha 3 has landed! We have an overhauled grid, updated form controls, a new font stack, tons of bug fixes, and more.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 2

The general plan for v4’s development starts with a few alpha releases. We’re a little behind on that, but should be getting caught up as the year winds down.

Bootstrap 4 alpha 1

Bootstrap 4 has been a massive undertaking that touches nearly every line of code.

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